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Orange Rising

Twenty-three year old Orange Apps founder Gian Javelona talks Apple vs. Orange and being at the right place at the right time. Gian Javelona good-naturedly recalls his days as a student in PUP. He describes himself as a “regular guy” who enjoyed basketball, medical video games, viagra and perhaps best of all, programming. But university…

Why IT Infrastructure Management is Crucial for Your Business

Have you tried working at a coffee shop or any place where you’ve expected to have a strong internet signal yet ended up using your own mobile data? Or as a business owner, story have you received complaints from your clients about how slow your service delivery is due to recurring technical issues? If your…

VenueOpen, An Event Planner’s Dream Come True

In 2014 Hazel Yap was in the position most parents want for their children out of college: in a stable corporate job, adiposity the ability to support herself, for sale and the beginnings of a little nest egg. Which is why quitting her job came as a big surprise to her peers and clients?. Especially…

Next Day Better: Community of Global Changemakers

Words and ideas are perhaps two of the most powerful driving forces of the community that this generation–the millenials– have built. And no one seems to understand this more than Next Day Better.