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Saving Time, Money, And Sanity With PayrollHero | Homegrown | Cultivating Success | Entrepreneur Stories | Business Tips
Saving Time, Money, And Sanity With PayrollHero | Homegrown | Cultivating Success | Entrepreneur Stories | Business Tips
Jun 2013

Saving Time, Money, And Sanity With PayrollHero

Saving Time, Money, And Sanity With PayrollHero

Time sheets. Overtime. False sign-ins.

If you’ve ever worked in human resources or accounting, then you know the hassle that comes with payroll management.

How do you compute the 31-odd minutes that an employee was late over the past two weeks? Add the overtime he did just before cut-off, in addition to his outstanding car loan. How about people who are perennially late?

Many try to make up for it by getting teammates to clock in for them. And worst of all are the ones who never submit complete timesheets!

Eliminate the paperwork

Using your existing computers, mobile devices, and a web-based app, PayrollHero saves the day. You can use it as a time, attendance, scheduling and payroll solution within your operations.

PayrollHero is an app that takes away the mountains of paperwork and cuts the time you spend on computations.

And you will be thankful for this: employees will be happy to clock in and out. Say goodbye to barely legible handwriting and misaligned timestamps. PayrollHero computes, reports, and makes sure your employee is really in the office on time.

PayrollHero will assist you with setup from start to finish. Enter all the information you need: employee records, tax calculations, various hourly rates, shift schedules, allowances, benefits.

You have a trial period of about three months, which you start by tracking and managing employee schedules and shifts. This allows you to practice using the app while fine-tuning your staff schedules.

When you’re satisfied with the tracking, you can practice using the timesheets to compute the payroll.

Use any device

All of this can be done without buying new hardware, installing new software or paying for expensive licenses.

You can use any desktop or laptop computer, iOS devices, an affordable webcam (if your computer doesn’t have a front-facing camera), and the power of the Internet.

And all the software you need is a web browser.

Automated work

To match those lightweight tech specifications, PayrollHero lightens the workload of your beleaguered accountant by distributing it across your staff. Your employees are responsible for their own hours, and the app informs them if they’re early or late, under time or over. They can clock in using the Web app on the office computer, via the mobile app on their personal devices.

All the data is backed up to the cloud and updated in real-time, so a manager in Makati can see if the barista in Ortigas timed in as scheduled. Company executives can check on things at any time and determine levels of access for different staff.

The app automatically computes everything down to the last centavo and the last minute, so all your accountant needs to do is review and approve the payroll. Everybody does their part, and in much less time than it takes to write your full name by hand.

Facial recognition

But how does PayrollHero fix the pesky time-in problems? With a nifty innovation: facial recognition.

To time in or time out, employees take a picture of themselves at the workplace. They can use your office computer’s webcam or the front-facing camera in any iOS device.

PayrollHero will match the face in the photo to employee records and ask, “Is this you?” The app will also check employee time against the approved schedule, and use the timestamp, IP address and GPS location to make sure they’re in the right place at the right time.

Sure, many offices automate this process with thumbprint identification, but that requires additional employee information and thumb scanners. Here, all you need is a camera.

PayrollHero’s facial recognition doesn’t just note your employees’ hours and overtime, but their moods, too, distinguishing Happy, Normal and Sad. This information is logged along with the time sheets, so the app will be able to tell if there is a drastic shift in an employee’s mood. Administrators will be notified of such a change, so employees are encouraged to smile when they face the camera.

CEO Michael Stephenson, who came up with the app’s quirky name, shared that employees have been so happy to sign in that they gather in groups and do wacky poses for their photos.

Satisfied clients

PayrollHero is currently in beta testing mode. The service costs PhP 149/month/employee, and you get the first 30 days free.

Already there are happy clients in the Philippines, Cambodia, Canada and the US. Among those clients is TaskUs, which is a provider of BPO solutions tailored to the daily business operations of the fastest growing internet companies in the world.

According to CEO Bryce Maddock, “We have been using Payroll Hero for close to a year. The biggest difference between PayrollHero and other solutions, human or technology-driven, is the amount of time you save with the user-friendly interface and automated data entry features.

“We have quickly scaled over the past four years and now employ over 450 highly talented individuals in Bacoor, Philippines, Santa Monica and San Francisco, California. Using PayrollHero has helped streamline our Human Resources and employee time-tracking measures. We save time and money with PayrollHero.”

And here’s another impressive feat: PayrollHero took CBTL Philippines, with its 700 employees, from a 4-day process involving 4 employees—essentially 16 working days in all—down to 5 minutes.

PayrollHero uses your existing resources, reduces the payroll workload, and eliminates a good number of time management problems. It sounds like a pretty heroic solution indeed.


  • PhoenixForce5

    Looked at the site. Its $5.00 USD per user, per month plus a $700 “implementation fee”. Too pricey if you ask me. I’d rather find another service. No thanks.