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Next Day Better: Community of Global Changemakers | Homegrown | Cultivating Success | Entrepreneur Stories | Business Tips
Next Day Better: Community of Global Changemakers | Homegrown | Cultivating Success | Entrepreneur Stories | Business Tips
May 2015

Next Day Better: Community of Global Changemakers

Next Day Better: Community of Global Changemakers

“No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.” – Robin Williams

Words and ideas are perhaps two of the most powerful driving forces of the community that this generation–the millenials– have built. And no one seems to understand this more than Next Day Better.

Founder, pills Ryan Letada, who originally worked for The Feast, the world’s largest roaming dinner party, started his organization as a call to action. Through organising a creative speaker and food series for diaspora communities, Next Day Better (NDB) seeks to celebrate the stories of changemakers from untapped communities.

“The hard fact is, stories of Filipino triumphs don’t exactly make “headline news,’” explains Sherina Ong, Community Manager of Next Day Better. “This is a space to call our own,” she continues. “A space to tell our stories and connect with like-minded doers and makers. A springboard for taking action. NextDayBetter is spearheading a massive global movement unlike anything ever attempted before.”

“Today is our tipping point,” adds Letada, who himself is a first-generation Filipino-American based in New York. “The time for us to control our own narrative. Through storytelling, NextDayBetter allows [Filipino] trailblazers to be recognized, to reimagine the capacity of our community to solve the world’s most pressing issues, while also celebrating the cultural aspects of our homeland.”

In the two years since its beginning, NDB has held numerous events in cities across North America and London. The event series seeks to bring together members of the Filipino diaspora from all over the globe as part of a movement to show the world what Filipinos are capable of as bold individuals and as a thriving community. “By leveraging the combined talents of innovators, creatives, entrepreneurs, and more, we are building a tenacious community working to find solutions to the world’s most pressing issues,” says Ong.

Ong, whose role in NDB is to engage the Filipino global community and bring exposure to NDB’s pool of speakers and curators, shares a personal goal with the rest of her team, “I want it to be cool to be Filipino,” she says. “In a few years, the next generation of Filipinos will have boundless examples of Filipino trailblazers who’ve made breakthroughs in tech, design, food, education, anything. We all know Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg. We’re on a mission to make it so Filipinos become household names, right up there with the rest of them.”

“Now is the time that the barriers to entry for creating change is significantly lower,” says Letada. “The challenge of brain drain is becoming less relevant. Through technology, we can have a better conversation about brain circulation. No matter where you are in the world you can make an impact for the Philippines and beyond. Now, more than ever, we can use technology and creativity to harness the passion, skills, and resources of our Global Filipino community to push humanity forward.”

This November 2015, Next Day Better is “coming home.” After a series of events in eight other cities across North America and the United Kingdom, the organization will be hosting its first event in Manila, already having involved groups of creatives and entrepreneurs to join their movement. The homecoming event, done in cooperation with the Commission of Filipinos Overseas and Mailchimp, will challenge Philippine-based entrepreneurs and innovators to imagine the world twenty years into the future and encourage change and find solutions for the challenges their communities face.

For more details visit NextDayBetter.com