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How To Register Your Business With The SEC | Homegrown | Cultivating Success | Entrepreneur Stories | Business Tips
How To Register Your Business With The SEC | Homegrown | Cultivating Success | Entrepreneur Stories | Business Tips
Feb 2013

How To Register Your Business With The SEC

How To Register Your Business With The SEC

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  • Cates

    Hi! I have a question.

    4. Deposit required paid-up capital (or contribution for foundations) in the bank and get the bank certificate of deposit.

    Should the bank certificate indicate the company name already?

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  • princess

    Ano po bang tawag sa letter na humihingi ng request para magamit ung dulong pangalan ng company? Kc po ung dulong pangalan ng company namin may kaparehas na dulo sa ibang companies. Pa help po please..☺

    • Rachel

      Hi Princess!
      Please write to us at info@homegrown.ph and we can help you out!

  • Belka

    Hello, I’d like to know how long does it takes before you can get your partnership papers/certificate? We submitted our articles of partnership more than 3weeks ago but our account said that we have to wait 2weeks, then we were told that it was not approved. Thanks

  • Celiane Royce

    Hi Ms. Acuna, i would like to ask something about my registration in SEC. I am planning on registering a direct selling company but i don’t know which category/industry it belongs to. It does not have its own industry in the choices. Please help me. Thanks!

  • twa legal

    hi ma’am, we are incorporating a corporation and we have paid the approved verification slip from the sec portal. come registration, the sec processors denied us because our corp name was not allowed. How can it be when we the name was allowed in the sec portal and was paid for? do you know of a turnaround on this? thank you very much.

  • Maine

    Hi! I just want to ask if required pa ba magparegister sa SEC if online store lang thru social networking sties, wala akong sariling website? I am registerd sa DTI na.

  • jhunterrado

    hi ms.acuna i just want to ask if required pa ako mag register sa SEC if i put up my business here at papua new guinea,the bussiness is remittances for all filipinos here..the money here is KINA,ang gagawin ko KINA to PESO with service charges here,kukunin nila ang pera nila any bank in the philippines..

  • loyskie

    Hi mis Acuna, tanung ko lang po kung ang nagpa pautang nang mula isang libo hanggang sampung libo at dapat na nka rehistro sa SEC.. maging ito ay percentage or 5/6 na tinatawag. anu po ang mga dapat sundin ng mga nagpapautang at anu po ang katapatan ng mga umuutang?

  • Joan Sangil

    hi.. tanung lng po… kung 5/6 po ang business kylngn p po bng iregister sa sec?? ano po ang requirements sa pagpaparehistro??

    • Eden rose

      Ano po requirements sa pautang?