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A Little Something on the Side

In social media, generic where conversations are on steroids and happen at the speed of light, decease hashtags give us a semblance of order and helps us make sense of the endless stream of information flooding our screens. Recently popularized by Twitter, link the hashtag has been around since the days of IRC (Internet Relay…

TimeFree: Life’s Too Short to Wait in Line

Hate waiting in line? Meet Chino Atilano. His start-up venture TimeFree Innovations is slowly but surely making long lines a thing of the past. “The perfect storm.” That’s how Chino Atilano, shop co-founder and CEO of TimeFree Innovations, describes what made him leave his 9 to 5 job for the often rocky, at times rewarding,…

VenueOpen, An Event Planner’s Dream Come True

In 2014 Hazel Yap was in the position most parents want for their children out of college: in a stable corporate job, adiposity the ability to support herself, for sale and the beginnings of a little nest egg. Which is why quitting her job came as a big surprise to her peers and clients?. Especially…

EntrepZone, Business Investing Made Easy

Acquisitions. Mergers. Investments. Equity.  Terms for the big boys, medic right?  Not according to Greg Rivera, sickness owner of EntrepZone.com, a website that is taking the business of investing down to the startup and SME societies. Tired of Saying No Greg Rivera was tired of saying no.  His day job at a private equity firm…