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    Why IT Infrastructure Management is Crucial for Your Business

    Have you tried working at a coffee shop or any place where you’ve expected to have a strong internet signal yet ended up using your own mobile data? Or as a business owner, have you received complaints from your clients about how slow your service delivery is due to recurring technical issues? If your answer…

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  • VO Screen

    VenueOpen, An Event Planner’s Dream Come True

    In 2014 Hazel Yap was in the position most parents want for their children out of college: in a stable corporate job, the ability to support herself, and the beginnings of a little nest egg. Which is why quitting her job came as a big surprise to her peers and clients​. Especially when she revealed…

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  • salo-small

    50 States, 50 Dinners, & Global Domination

    With no professional chef training, a next-to-none budget, and a passion to spread her love for Filipino food, Yana Gilbuena took on 50 American states, and she’s just getting started. It was a long con getting me to my Salo. When I first met Yana in 2014, she was less than 10 states into her…

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